For the past one week, the social media have been under intense heat following the political hyperactivity from the National to some states in country.

This have raised dusts so obvious that Nigerians living in the diaspora have joined in the political tempestuousness via the social media.

Yesterday, an Akwa Ibomite by name Elizabeth Bassey in a phone conversation expressed shock and sadness over the sudden betrayal of the former Governor of Akwa Ibom State, Senator Godswill Akpabio on the good people of Akwa Ibom State over selfish interest.

Elizabeth who spoke on phone with one of the insideakwaibom reporters, said “I am very disappointed in the way and manner things have just turned to be in Akwa Ibom my dear state. How can we expose ourselves to the devil to use us to betray ourselves”

“Akwa is a blessed land filled with great potentials so no Akwa Ibomite should loss faith because God Owns the state. Please help me tell Akwa Ibom people that God is with us.
They shouldn’t be afraid of the storm. When God wants to reduce a man, He makes him feel himself and throws him to the floor” She said.

According to Elizabeth, indigenes and none indigenes of Akwa Ibom State have displayed total shock on Akpabio’s sabotage and has withdrawn their loyalty and respect for him. Senator Akpabio whom the people of Akwa Ibom and beyond loved without disheartenment expressed total disappointment and disregard over His act of sabotage.

“the people over here in Italy really respected him for the past years. Whenever his name is mentioned, we feel proud of him but on hearing His sudden turn around against His people, we have shunned him in totality. Some of them here says he is not worth their respect and loyalty any more. Some said no amount of promise or offer would have made him to sabotage his people and by so doing, He is facinorious”

Elizabeth who originally hails from Afaha Ubium in Onna LGA ask for the people of Akwa Ibom to continue in supporting the current government under the able leadership of Governor Udom Emmanuel to fulfill the divine mandate come 2019. “I do not follow the politics of Nigeria but am concern about my state because Akwa Ibom is Our Own. God will see Governor Udom through in 2019 via the divine mandate. God is supreme”

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