By Etukudo Essien

inconsistency of appeal court, is a reflection of the present administration’s inconsistency in its duties. It is obvious to the people of Akwa Ibom State that there is a grand plan by certain class of people, to trick us yet into another trap when we were yet to free ourselves from the shackles of lies that has thrown the nation into current economic doldrums, (the worst since its existence as a nation).

The only research that seems to have been effected is an understanding of what the people would love to hear. The promises then flow……………………. Change! Change!! Change!!! Everywhere they go. Those who now pretend to love us simply because they are in search of glory, self aggrandizement, further accumulation of wealth and perpetration to power only to boost their ego.

PDP has ruled this country for the past 16 years and has done nothing other than looting, money laundering, failed to construct roads, increased taxes by 50%, not paid salaries for 11months, all in attempts to blackmail this God sent government to Akwa Ibom State.

I sit in my quiet moments to ponder and most times I get fear stricken by utterances and pretense of people whom we should regard as people of high esteem in the society tell lies in the name of propaganda. Brothers now stab their own on the back in order to satisfy their selfish ends.

The court on its part rules based on propaganda from media. I wonder where there was violence in Akwa Ibom State without its being caused by APC members. There is a clear case of what happened at the polling unit at Ibiam street, Uyo, where someone attempted to snatch materials only to be lynched. Was that a PDP or APC sympathizer? Is that the kind you refer to?

The question is:Who were in PDP during the 16 years?

What party were the current APC members before now?

These are men who feel they should remain in power without minding who is hurt. The same people who now condemn PDP were those who were known as policy makers in that same party. They have represented the party in several capacities, including The National Assembly. This inconsistency is evident from a classical  example of a special assistant to the president who earlier declared total support for Deacon Udom Emmanuel and mentioned him  as the right person who deserved the position of a governor of Akwa Ibom.

His reaction to Appeal court judgment, tells of him as someone who seems to have completely derailed from his profession as a barrister. Otherwise, I should belief that he intends to cause disharmony in the state. Otherwise, he wouldn’t come out to announce that Akwa Ibom State does not have a governor, or address him as an illegal governor, upon ruling of the court. Hear him mention that he expects Governor Udom Emmanuel to hand over to the Chief Judge of the state. I hope at his age, he is not already into oblivion. That would to be early, though his utterances and actions point towards that fact.

What credibility has he got to challenge anybody in this state? Has he before now been practicing democracy. In fact, he keeps mentioning that people should do and say what they can defend before their children. People should know that whatever they utter are prayers that they pray for themselves. You have cheated severally, and I want to remind you that you have planted a seed of cheat for your children as prayed by you. You have deprived and so have you sowed the seed. Remember how you lost nomination for Senate the first time only to deprive someone who contested and won for the House of representatives.

Umanah left PDP to deprive other members of APC of their franchise. What wisdom is there in committing the same act that caused your decamping from PDP?

They now want to use the christian doctrine of being saved by Grace, only if one would accept with his mouth, that Jesus Christ is Lord as recorded in Romans 10:9. You may agree with me that most PDP members who decamped did so to PDP. This seems to imply that, all the sins of the de campees have been washed and they are made whole. Those who were major actors during the looting of the past sixteen years now point accusing fingers even at those who all the while had nothing doing with governance except the last few months of sixteen years. Just like children point fingers at each other only to escape the father’s wrath after a round of fart that became so pungent that the father in anger wanted to know who it was.

The judiciary is fast deteriorating to below E standard for due to believe that they have to do the bidding of the government of the day. Independence of judiciary is questionable. Unfortunately, this administration has not been able to successfully, conduct any election without complexities. It places in doubt, the success of future elections in the country.

Umanah O. Umanah we must agree, has a right to vote and be voted for as a Nigerian. One thing that must be mentioned is that pride has caused him work against the people’s will. It is an old story that there is zoning agreement, not only in PDP but also in Akwa Ibom State which was the reason Governor Attah facilitated his son inlaw, in a bid to have a successor. Unfortunately, he failed as another son of Ikot Ekpene Senatorial District contested and won the election. This created enmity between him and one of his then Commissioner who emerged as his successor.

It was with the understanding that, after Uyo senatorial district was to be Ikot Ekpene before getting to Eket. Seven years ago, on realising that, it means Uyo Senatorial District would wait for 16yrs to produce another Governor. Clandestine meetings were organized in the former governor’s residence which they proposed handover of governorship of the state, to an Ibibio man. At a point, it was proposed that an Oron man would have a wider acceptance than an Ibibio man from Uyo Senatorial District. Several Oron Elders were approached who turned down the offer in order to protect their integrity. It was the beginning of the death of that dream.The dream finally died!

Here is a man who was against the payment of Christmas bonus, otherwise known as the thirteenth month salary (also called Akpabiomber) that was meant for civil servants of the state. Here is a man who was in the public service throughout his working life and is now so rich yet, no one has cared to ask questions about his source of wealth.

We’ve had permanent secretaries in this state who worked and retired and only managed to build a house on retirement. What was his annual salary? Is there much difference if any between then and now?

What conviction do we have to show that if this man should win election as the governor of Akwa Ibom State, he would not want to embezzle more? These people have exhibited so much enmity towards the people of Eket Senatorial District and would not want anything good to come from there. We should be able to identify those who do not wish anything good to come our way. Bayelsa state is resisting any external influence on elections.

The people of Eket would not be like Israelites who caused Moses to break the plaque for we have seen with our eyes as is usually said; some will pretend they love you, but behind, they try to eliminate you.

They have come to introduce you to strange gods.

The supreme court judgement is a flash in the pan. Let’s not forget that nothing good comes easy. Do not forget these line of the hymn that says; Courage brother fdo not stumble, Though the road be rough and dreary, Trust in God and do the right.

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