Properties worth millions of Naira set ablaze in Okobo, Oron during Primaries

In what can best be described as an unprecedented display of violence and political intolerance, properties worth millions of naira were yesterday destroyed during the APC Federal House primaries in Oron and Okobo.


Eye witness report has it that police officers loyal to a particular faction absconded with election materials and this infuriated youths who took to the street in a protest to register their dissatisfaction. The protesting youths descended on the Police Station, destroyed properties at the premises and set the building ablaze.

Some of the irate youths were heard shouting “Akpabio leave Oron o” while some of the protesters displayed placards reading: “Akpabio stay clear from Oro Federal House issues” which clearly showed organised resistance to Akpabio’s imposition of candidates on the people.

Violence, being a major characteristic of the APC and its members, is abhorred in any form, by Akwa Ibomites whose preferred option is prosperity, peace and progress.

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