By Nsisong James


Just few days after the Uyo stakeholders meeting took place in the city of Uyo, an alarm was raised yesterday at about 22:00hrs via a WhatsApp group on the Sporadic Gunshots along MBAK ROAD, Opposite Sir Mendo Avenue after ETOI secondary School.

The whistle blower who happened to be a close resident in the neighborhood raised the alarm on the social media platform seeking for immediate help.

In a live conversation by one of insideakwaibom reporters with Mr. Ekwere, one of the residents who said the were indoors at about 10pm when they had the horrible experience. Gunshots were heard sporadically in the neighborhood just 200 metres off the Main Oron road.

“Between 22.00hrs – 22.30hrs on Wednesday 15th August 2018. Series of Gunshots were heard in my neighborhood along MBAK road about 200metres off Oron Road, after ETOI secondary school. (MBAK road is opposite Sir Mendo Avenue, before the Oron Rd Waterworks). The attention of the AKWA IBOM STATE police emergency was called immediately to report the incident.”

“I and my wife felt for our 9 months old baby who cried fearfully as she had such an alarming and ugly experience for the first time. So sad”

According to one of the residents Mr. Ebong, it was gathered that the gun men went after a man by name Mr. Being. Being was trailed to his compound at about 10pm but for the swift driving into his compound and locking up his gate immediately hence the failed attempt.

“They trailed my next door neighbour by name Mr. Being and attempted to follow him into his compound to abduct but for his swiftness in locking up his gate immediately he entered made them fail hence the alarm and Gunshots” said Mr. Ekwere

Immediately the attention of the Nigerian police, Shelter Afrique area, Akwa Ibom State was called to the incident while the the gun men were still on operation. The compound of one Mrs. Moffat was also under attack after the failed attempt to adopt their victim. Went away with her Money and belongings.

“They went away with ₦32000, 1 phone and a rechargeable lamp from my residence” said the victim.

Report have it that the Gun Men were 5 in number all masked with guns and torch lights during the operation since the area have been faced with total black out over time.

According to Mr. Ekwere “They police responded to my emergency call on their line 080-392-13071 and here is the first response I got: “We will send our men over”.

A follow up call around 23hrs got this response: “We have sent our men on patrol to the area, they said the situation is calm there right now but our men will continually patrol that area”.

It was also gathered that this is the same neighborhood the Vice Chairman of Uyo LGA, Hon. Udeme Ukai resides.

In a phone conversation with Ukai, the insecurity have Long been there as the area is newly developed. “I have tried for the past two years of my stay here to control the situation via the Nigerian Police Men in collaboration with the local vigilantes.”

“The Police Men Atleast patrol the area at night but we still need more security measures to be put in place to help put a stop to this situation”.

“The election is at the corner and we need to keep our amiable voters safe from this horrible gun men”.

“I was attacked one time last year few days after my inauguration as Uyo LGA Vice Chairman. The gun men invaded my residence as at 2 am of that day but only saw my wife. After a thorough search for me, the left without picking a pin. So I think they are political thugs and not robbers” says Ukai.

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