By Gideon Ekere

I see things differently these days. And I refuse to descend to the lopsidedness of few political pastors. I recently came across a disingenuous post on the new media and some newspapers. It’s about a prophet and the notable former Deputy Governor of Akwa Ibom State, Nsima Ekere. The caption of the said story filters and would readily drills the emotions of any ‘change’ agent. According to the prophet, “Nsima Ekere will be governor before 2019.” It’s a prediction drafted to reintroduce disharmony between the two recently reconciled friends. I mean Umana Okon Umana and Nsima Ekere.

Umana and Nsima had not been friends of late. The two Ibibio warriors existed, culled from a distance. They differed in target. Whether it was ambition, mission or desire. It was for a stronger relationship. They argued, but managed their situations. Now, the past has been laid to rest. They’re good of friends at the moment. Whatever caused their disunity. Was their greatest blockade. They’re now matured. Responsible and in charge. Honestly, grown men do not need unnecessary prophesies. ‘Pastor’ please prophesy garbage no more. Can these prophets ever solve disease, unemployment, war, or any other societal herpes? Hell no. All you get from them is creating tension where there was peace. That’s not maturity, its cynicism.
I welcome prophesies, but not when it’s misleading. I believe that a few people of integrity can go a long way. Even without the poorly mannered of the ever increasing doomed preachers. And that Umana and Nsima has done. They recently saw the need to overlook the past, reconcile and join hands to disintegrate powers of disunity within. How come that someone suddenly resurface to draw them back to the old shape. Maybe, that’s one of the tricks to detach them to their tent once again. Why would a supposed pastor be such an agent of darkness? Freezing humans unnecessarily.

Nsima Ekere, a responsible member of the defunct G22. He opted to become a governor of Akwa Ibom. And was ready to serve. A very dynamic and erudite surveyor. Who would have been and appreciated by all. At least I would have been an elevated fellow to have an elder brother as a governor. But was on a wrong platform. Timing was running out for the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP. The same political party Umana earlier declared his intention. He decamped to the All Progressives Congress, APC. Reformed the party. Created a way for others. They’re now joining in thousands. Leaving PDP deserted, abandoned. But before Nsima, there was Umana. They looked beyond that.

Umana Okon Umana isn’t in a haste to become a governor. He knows his season. And has readily prepared himself. A man of many definition. The carpenter of the new Akwa Ibom. A man that was prepared for a time like this. A fearless fighter. He’s ready to work with all. Including Nsima Ekere. Just to create a beneficial temple to everyone. Not even a political prophet, blackmailers can stop him.

I see the prophecy ordinarily, but not as one from God. Because the Almighty is not a God of confusion. The battle has been won. The situation returning back to expectations. Happiness gradually returning. And suddenly prophesy came. I seek to solidify that before his, many others have prophesied. But it’s the will of God that prevails. We all know that this is the last days. Many of them have come in the name of God. But truly, it’s simple to understand.

Nsima and Umana had since bundled their heart for a purpose. Whether politics or humanity. Their struggle for liberation are real. I had pointed out before. We do not need any other prayer, prophesy or fasting. We’re the reason. We’re the instrument. We’re the fire and the skills. We can do it ourselves. Let the pastors remain in the sanctuary. And politicians in the field.
Yes, our economic situation demand prophesies. Boko Haram needs prophesies. Militancy needs prophesies. The various beggars at traffic points need prophesies. The deprived and fatherless needs prophesy. Mad people on the streets need prophesy. But our ‘greedy’ men of God wouldn’t. They can’t just go for what won’t fill their pocket. Because there’s no reward there. They behave childishly. Seeking whom to destroy. Childhood isn’t just those years. It’s also the opinions you form about people carelessly. That’s why our ‘childhoods’ are so long.

I toast for more cordial relationship between Umana, Nsima and Akwa Ibom people. I see them joining hands for greater Akwa Ibom. Whoever feels aggrieved should go and search his mate at the graveyard. That’s where many unfulfilled prophesies are buried. Umana and Nsima will surely reach their target in this struggle as brothers. That’s the desire of the million ‘change’ agents. Let the unnecessary prophesies cease. We need them no more. We can prophesy ourselves. We can pray ourselves. We can fast ourselves. Nobody should deceive us again!

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