Finally, a clearly mapped out plan to forcefully and mischievously snatch the PDP controlled states in the country and hand them over to the APC, has been uncovered.  

A strategy document at our disposal, shows that the Federal Government ruling APC has vowed to use all crooked and extra judicial approaches to wrestle power from PDP in Akwa Ibom, Rivers, Bayelsa and Kogi states. 

As shocking and unpalatable as it may sound, some of the plans have already been hatched with the full nullification of the governorship elections in Rivers state and the re-run that was ordered in parts of Akwa Ibom state.

Unravel the mystery in the classified  document below and ask yourself if this is the change they promised:

APC Strategy Revealed_Page_01 APC Strategy Revealed_Page_02 APC Strategy Revealed_Page_03 APC Strategy Revealed_Page_04 APC Strategy Revealed_Page_05 APC Strategy Revealed_Page_06 APC Strategy Revealed_Page_07 APC Strategy Revealed_Page_08 APC Strategy Revealed_Page_09 APC Strategy Revealed_Page_10 APC Strategy Revealed_Page_11 APC Strategy Revealed_Page_12 APC Strategy Revealed_Page_13 APC Strategy Revealed_Page_14 APC Strategy Revealed_Page_15 APC Strategy Revealed_Page_16 APC Strategy Revealed_Page_17

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