There are two ways to join a band

1. Go to, click on “join a band” fill the form and you will be assigned a band


2. Go to all campuses of all tetiary institutions in the state, all branches of food affairs, crunches, Hotels, ministry of culture and tourism secretariat, etc

Entry closes on the 12th of December.






Named after the Rolling Hills of Itu, The Rolling Hills Band is a group of young energetic individuals, assembled to display the glory of Akwa Ibom. We are blessed with friendly people, an eco-friendly environment, undulating steeps and a rich cultural heritage. The sight of the rolling hills is an admirably charming experience. These dynamic and exciting features make The Rolling Hills Band experience memorable.






The Blue River is located in Ukanafun, Akwa Ibom State. At its confluence, the waters do not mix. The river is crystal clear. The Blue River Aquamarine evokes an exhilarating feeling, calm, soothing and cleansing. The Blue River Band is specifically created for a fun-filled and unrivaled enjoyment as Akwa Ibom becomes the melting point of African hospitality.







The Bridge Band is named after The Bridge of No Return, in Ikot Abasi, Akwa Ibom state. Once feared for its ruthless slave dungeon and dark concrete cubicles, no slave ever walked down the bridge and returned. The Bridge Band signifies the end of slavery and hopes to be the most versatile Band as it joins people from all walks of life and backgrounds to get into the #Ukapisua STREET GROOVE.
On the street groove, the bridge Band will seek to channel this huge historical landmark to portray hope. As we parade the streets together, we are hopeful that modern day slavery will soon be a thing of the past.





Located in the heart of Uyo formally known as Piccadilly junction during the colonial era, Ibom Plaza was built to provide a first class relaxation centre. With a vast amphitheatre, a large-screen television, beautiful walkways, an overhead bridge, three ultra-modern car parks and a landscape adorned with beautiful flowers that gives it an exotic view. Be in the center of attraction! Participate in #Ukapisua STREET GROOVE with The Ibom Plaza Band.





The Beach Town band is named after the unique Ibeno beach which is one of the longest sand beaches in Africa stretching 45km from Ibeno to James town in Akwa Ibom State. Its calm, serene and eco-friendly environment, brought early missionaries from Qua Iboe Christian Mission, Scotland, to this part of the world. The Beach Town Band has a mission to foster coexistence and inclusive development of our society. This we will express when we parade the streets of Uyo in vibrant colours and glamour.

Get into the STREET GROOVE!

It’s #Ukapisua…#CometoAkwaIbom #AmazingAkwaIbom

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