Nigeria’s biggest online booking agency, is an online booking agency founded in 2013 by Mark Essien has announced the launch of its mobile app which was created to ease the process of finding and booking hotels for its users.

According to the company’s CEO, Mark Essien via Twitter stated that the app was developed by members of its 2017 internship programme.

In the tweet, he requested that early stage users download the app from the Google Play store, test it and report any bugs.

The mobile app, which is only available on Android devices at the moment, can be downloaded from the Google Play Store here


The mobile app uses the GPS technology in phones to determine a user’s exact location and then offers the best hotels nearby as suggestions. A user can also make use of its search function to find a specific hotel or get a list of hotels in any location in Nigeria.

In addition to being able to make bookings, the mobile app allows users add hotels they like (or hope to visit) to a wishlist (which is similar to a list of favourites) and review information about their booking history.

One great thing about the app is that a user only needs to pull out their phone and the best hotels are automatically offered to them. They no longer need to know the name of their current location or the names of nearby hotels to find a good accomodation.

Currently, the mobile app only offers Nigerian hotels to its users. Hotels outside of Nigeria are however accessible through the platform


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