By Emmanuel Nicholas

Obong Umana Okon Umana is a saint. He is a saint because any man who crosses over from the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) to the All Progressives Congress (APC) automatically becomes a saint. The APC has a perfect beatification and canonization programme that cleanses her members of their previous sins. Or so I think. Recently, the EFCC arrested both the Spokesman of the PDP and an APC chieftain, a friend of Mr President. Before Nigerians could open their eyes, the anti-corrupt body had released the APC chieftain and Mr Olisa Methu is still in the custody of the EFCC.

Sensing that Nigerians will protest against their double standards, they quickly told Nigerians that the APC chieftain had returned the funds without presenting any evidence of such payment to the public. But do this people think Nigerians are fools?

Before I digress, my article ‘’UMANA OKON UMANA: CAN A ‘THIEF’ PROBE HIMSELF?’’ stung the APC like a bee. I opened their can of worms and expectedly, they were gasping for breath. I have read the ridiculous rejoinders from the APC megaphones, occultic manipulators and necromancers who hitherto believed they alone had the right to demonize others with all shades of blackmail. The difference is that I am speaking the truth and I say so very clearly. Umana does not mean well for Akwa Ibom state. He says he wants to probe the Godswill Akpabio administration and I insist that he lacks the moral authority to do so. It smacks of self-indictment.

Most of Umana’s cultic hirelings, instead of focusing on the kernel of the issue, stoop so low to take screen shots of my musical video titled ‘’ODESHI’’ a song I released in 2001. I was a music artist and did songs and videos that featured backup singers and dancers. How that affects Umana’s plan to probe Senator Akpabio is beyond me. The most prominent broadcaster of that mischief is a fellow I know well. He resided then in the Ijesha Area of Lagos. I’m aware he has been smoked out of Ghana because the last woman he defrauded vowed to jail the Abak born fugitive who also impregnated two sisters in his home town before absconding to Ghana. Let me be charitable enough to spare his name.

Back to Obong Umana Okon Umana, I am so sorry, Sir, for trying to question your integrity. But, Sir, I would not confront you with these facts if there were no documents to back up my claims. What drives me to question your moral authority to demonize others is your recent sanctimonious posture. It is further worsened by the stand of your cultic followers who are out to demonize others with lies, when we know that you do not have a place with the saints.

Even with that, I remained silent for a while, until your APC news alert broke the news of your intentions to forensically probe past administrations, including the one in which you were the engine room.

Obong Umana, my noble elder brother, sir, there are lies you are peddling around in the name of politics. Take the last advertorial of names of decampees you published. Did you go through that list before rushing to the press? How could you stoop so low to include names of top members of the PDP as a decampee. It is a crystal sign of your utter desperation. How could you mention names of people like Prof Sunny William Peters, Chief Okokon Etuk as people who have joined the APC? They have at no time been members of your deceptive fold but I understand your situation. It is not easy with you.

The one thing that keeps me wondering is how you intend to sustain this deception. When you returned from God knows where and held a prayer summit, what exactly did you tell God? What prayers did you offer? Did you confess your past sins of enriching yourself at the detriment of the poor? What exactly has God to do with occultism practices? See; Saint Umana God is not mocked. You cannot project with God and Satan in one long window. You cannot mix up these things. It’s a function of time and the revolt of heaven will make nonsense of your being.

My father once told me that no celestial being will compromise the standards of God. Sir, you are compromising the standard of God, and you won’t succeed. Let me allow you to face the rhythm that is coming, though you may be blinded from seeing it; just in a while it will surface.
As the engine room of the administration of Chief Dr Godswill Akpabio CON for seven years of the eight year administration, you were the de-facto Deputy; you hired deputy Governors and sacked them at will. I vividly remember when sacked Obong Nsima Ekere and told the press that he was fraudulent and was fond of presenting excessive estacodes. I know you will not fail to probe him of his frauds against Akpabio’s administration as you told the press. But, how do you intend to probe Obong Nsima Ekere when you used his campaign grounds to offer prayers to God? You know you are full of surprises, so let me not predict your next line of action.

Obong Okon Umana, sir, I simply brought up questions that needed clarification, but your cult groups believe they can threaten me with calls and inbox messages not to confront you with these facts. I’m not blackmailing you as they do against the Governor of Akwa Ibom State, Deacon Udom Emmanuel and the Senate minority Leader, Chief Dr Godswill Akpabio CON.
In your seven years as the secretary to Akwa Ibom State government, sir, you were the chairman of almost all events organized by government and head of the joint accounts committee. Will you question all the monies spent on those events and why. Sir, please will you probe the Ibom Science Park Project? If it is discovered that something fishy transpired as recommended by the House of Assembly committee, will you willingly submit yourself as Governor for arrest and prosecution? According to the House of Assembly public hearing resolution, Engr Frank Okon indicted the then Commissioner for Finance for not releasing the entire funds to his firm. Sir, the records show that you were that commissioner for finance. The Documents from your office as commissioner of Finance shows you paid Five million, Seven hundred thousand dollars, but the contracting firm say you only remitted to them One million, three hundred dollars. Is that fair sir? Did you tell God about that too?

Sir, the public inquiry of the Ibom international Airport by the House of Assembly shows that you were indicted as Commissioner for Finance. The funds that were meant for the construction of that Airport were diverted. You frustrated Obong Attah and his lofty airport dream. As at the time he left, only heaps of sand on a cleared area was all there was to show. The Dynacorp people and Engr. Ime Ekanem say in their reports that you did not release the total sum as recorded in the books of the Ministry of Finance under your watch. They say that the funding they received was N23 billion lower than what you documented for the Government of Obong Victor Attah. Please where are these funds? Don’t remain silent, say something, anything at all. Tell the people of Akwa Ibom state your position.

Please tell Akwa Ibom people what happened to the contributory funds of the State Civil Servants at First Bank of Nigeria, which when the then incumbent Governor ordered the bank to refund to the owners, the bank report showed that you had earlier ordered for the money to be transferred to a certain personal account that was later discovered to belong to your wife’s sister, as the name ended with Ubiam. Akwa Ibom people are simply asking for these simple answers. We all know you know less than a little about industrialization. So, we wouldn’t bother you.

Akwa Ibom state urgently needs money for developmental programmes, hence the need for probes. That probe should spread its tentacles to one Construction Company called AEC Works Limited. The company is notorious for abandoning the popular Use Ikot Amaama road. The corporate name of the firm is registered in One Florence Umana’s name but however managed by one Anietie Umana. Are those names familiar sir? That company has received over One hundred billion naira from your Finance and General Purposes Committee. They had written for variation twice which you approved as the chairman of FGPC and the funds were released to the firm. It appears that job was criminally abandoned. Do some findings sir. We can recover something there.

There is also a little sum we can recover from the servicing of Toyota vehicles at Government house. It was worth about Three Billion naira yearly although you did present the receipts on Yahoo forum. Ikpafak Thompson Essien still contends that those receipts were forged. Sir, I feel if we looked again at the contract books, we could recover something.

Also sir, there is also a tiny matter of the sales of Akwa Ibom shares in Econet wireless. Successive administrations say the State’s shares were sold and that the money was given to your ministry, Ministry of finance then, but sir, it appears there is no trace by successive government as to how much the shares were sold for and where the money is. When His Excellency Obong Victor Attah was interviewed recently, he said the record of that transaction was kept under your ‘honest’ watch. I know ‘these new guys’ are not experienced enough to know where you kept that money but if they allow you go in yourself, you will bring it out. Isn’t it so? That’s why they should vote you in as Governor. If we wait till 2023, someone else may find that money and we will be finished.

The truth is that this ambition of yours to become Governor is strange. You are not from Eket Senatorial district. You have never managed a kiosk before, what do you know about industrialization? You are used to big monies and huge spending but the current indices show that these are trying times for our economy. You are not Governor yet, but you fly private jets; I wonder what you will fly if you become Governor. I have it on good authority that you have agreed to hand over our internally generated revenue to strangers. How sad! You want to probe the past government, are you a saint?

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