Just two days after the easter holiday, a Nigerian took to a WhatsApp group and information to incite fellow Nigerians over what He observed during the holidays. In his words, He flaunted reasons for Nigerians to be more eloquent is security. That until government Libes to its responsibilities, as a Nigerian, you are on your own.


“Government could not provide enough electricity, you bought generators. Without anyone’s advice”

“Government could not provide enough water, you sank boreholes. Again, you didn’t wait for my advice”.

“Government could not provide equipped hospitals the president sought medical care abroad and nobody accused him of sabotaging the national health system”,

“The government could not provide good schools for the ministers, governors etc. send their children to private schools home and abroad, nobody accused the government of killing public education”

“Now, same government cannot protect you enough from rampaging herdsmen, and someone advised you to DEFEND yourself, you said he was inciting people against government and military”.

“He did not ask you to go and kill without provocation. He only said “defend yourself”.

“If buying generators was not an incitement against DISCOS and sinking of borehole was not incitement against water corporation, etc.”,


“Until government lives up to its responsibilities, you are on your own”. Get used to that…

welcome back from holiday

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