First and foremost, big brother is not just an individual, they are like an organisation, and the organisation is no longer happy with Kemen, because they are already seeing Kemen as a threat to the secrecy of that organisation.

If You are following up the show, there was a time biggie organised a feast for them where the housemates ate some unknown and rotten foods, Kemen decoded that the feast might be some sort of initiation.

They ate the first feast on the basis of helping them protect their secrets, then the next day, they organized another feast, which biggie made sure that the housemates remained some foods in their respective plates unlike the first one which some housemates finished completely and leaked the plates as well.

Then Kemen started telling
the housemates that he never knew the
actual reason why biggie was so much
particular in feeding them with such meals, and he also said that there are some white powdery substance that was spread all over the windows in the arena, that those white substance looks suspicious.

The next day, biggie gave them some baths which the biggies ninjas supervised, Kemen still suspects some creepy motives behind those tasks, at the end of the day they won their wager…

The organization doesn’t want any
form of scandal, that was why biggie warned Efe to watch his tongue when Efe was saying some trash after drinking in the party, because biggie doesn’t want Efe to fall a victim of circumstances, may be because Efe was loved by many…

Kemen’s downfall wasn’t particularly
because of the alleged sexual harassment
against TBoss, Kemen’s downfall was
because of his tongue, he talks too much,
other housemates noticed so many things going on in that house, but decides to keep their mouth shut, but Kemen is busy doing I too know…

Biggie and his group has decided
long ago to disgrace Kemen out of that
house, so that if eventually Kemen decided to open his wide mouth after leaving the house, so that people will say he is saying all those things out of frustration.

How will people think that biggie disqualified Kemen because he romanced TBoss in that house of immorality? Do not forget that it’s
not TBoss who reported Kemen, it’s big
brother that called TBoss inside the diary
room and started showing her the footage of what transpired, because he felt that it’s the right opportunity to carry out what they have long awaited for, cause they know that Kemen was supposed to be evicted that same day cause of voting results…

What is going on there is bigger than what an ordinary eye can comprehend!

Copied from Nwangwu Tobechukwu on facebook


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