What is Cobra Tag?

56% of cell phones are lost or misplaced every year and over 25,000 laptops are left behind in airports every day.

Cobra Tag uses Bluetooth wireless technology to create a two-way separation alarm between your smartphone and your valuables. When that connection is broken, both your phone and the Cobra Tag device on your essential start ringing to let you know something is being left behind.

In addition to receiving an audible alert, the Cobra Tag app can send a map link to the location where you lost your phone or other belongings.

The Cobra Tag is also a 2 way finder. Tap the button on the Cobra Tag tag to ring your Smartphone. If you are looking for your Cobra Tag protected item, use the phone’s application to make the Cobra Tag ring.

The Cobra Tag works with phones running iOS 5.0, Blackberry OS 4.5 or higher and Android OS 2.1 or higher.

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