On arriving Akwa Ibom International Airport Governor Udom Emmanuel says he is more anxious about his promises to Akwa Ibom People and not the noise by detractors.

Peoples Democratic Party is the only party known in Akwa Ibom State, and no matter how much noise is made, the decision of the people cannot be shaken”

Can a party that did not campaign during the elections except on the internet win election in Akwa Ibom State

Can someone who picked form for the governorship election in our great party the same day with me, but ran to another party 18 days (as against INEC’s stipulated 21 days)before the primaries be able to use a totally strange party to challenge our mandate?

Can someone who ran election without a running mate be considered qualified?

Do they not know that PDP is a religion in our state?

Even if election is conducted 200 times as you people have said, can any party unseat the PDP in Akwa Ibom?

When PDP went round all the 322 wards, 31 LGAs, 10 federal constituencies and 3 senatorial districts and then our women started all over again to campaign, was APC anywhere to be found?

Nigeria runs a multi-party system and let no man make the mistake of thinking he can overturn the decision of 4million Akwa Ibom people.

We must continue to cooperate with government to attract more people-centred programmes to the state.

God passed through human beings to bless his people, and since my victory was a Divine arrangement have no fear because the judiciary which is the last hope of the common man, shall protect our collective decision as a people.

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