It is likely said that “innovation rules the world”. This has made the manufacturing of drumsticks from the best raw material possible and unique.

In today context, we will be talking about “Tutor-sticks”, the best drumstick for the masters. Tutor-sticks is a professional drumstick scientifically proven to give the best sound on drums and other stick-hitting instruments like the gong and so on, is made from a longstanding tree called “Ukim” (sequoia).

Research has made it known that the “Ukim” (Sequoia) tree is an ancient tree which reaches its maturity at a hundred year.

Mr. Uduak Davidson is the CEO of TUTOR-STICKS, a true citizen Akwa Ibom State who has proven to the world that the best can only come from Akwa Ibom.

Due to the entrepreneurial reawakening in the state, Mr. Uduak has it that He has been producing this drumsticks for years but due to the prominence in the society, Tutor-sticks is now produced in quantum.

To place order, call the CEO via 08032315891

Tutor-sticks is a drumstick for all classes of drummers!

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