Recently, during a church service at Qua Iboe Church, Governor Udom Emmanuel had while addressing the congregation disclosed the intention of his government to sponsor about 1000 Akwa Ibom youths on Oracle Certification training in ICT. Such a cheering news was applauded by many as a step in the right direction.The benefits derivable from such training program for both the beneficiaries and by extension the state, cannot be quantified in terms of the value it would add to the society, nay the planned industrial revolution which the Udom administration is set out to achieve for the state.

Information Technology, IT, is the main thing today and big time companies are in high demand for Oracle Certified Professionals. When this plan as announced by the Governor finally takes off, this will indeed boost the industrialization agenda of the present administration because the industries that would be set up will absorb those youths in their organization.

It would be recalled that human capacity development and youth empowerment topped the campaign manifesto of the Udom administration and having settled down for business, he is poised to actualize those lofty plans and vision for our dear state.

The demand for oracle professionals is growing at an incredible pace. Oracle certifications are tangible, industry recognized credentials that can help them succeed in their IT career and provide immeasurable benefits to both the employee and employer.

Oracle certifications are a reliable validation of training and experience that can accelerate your professional development, improve your productivity, and enhance your credibility. For IT professionals and managers, each oracle certification level signifies a benchmark of expertise recognized for its value and relevance in the IT industry.

Today, there are over 350,000 Oracle certified professionals worldwide whose services are needed in oil companies, banks, manufacturing companies, big time construction companies, security organisations and they can set up their own IT firm and be their own boss, doing IT jobs for corporate bodies.

The benefits of certification is that it establishes some measurement of the knowledge of an IT professional, and it is also important to those seeking employment in a field that often has many candidates competing for a single position, because it gives one an edge over the rest.

An oracle certification shows the potential employer that the candidate seeking for employment in his company, has the background and education to quickly become a productive member of their staff. Employers look for ways to distinguish employees and prospective employees who have the solid foundation of skills needed for effective performance.

The Oracle certification program helps the IT industry make these distinction by establishing a standard of competence in key entry level and professional job roles. Being an oracle certified professional raises their visibility in the organization, which is a requirement for career advancement in most organizations.

Oracle certification has evolved from a hiring tool to a screening tool: if you don’t have them, you aren’t viewed as a serious candidate”.

An Oracle Certified Associate,(OCA) credential demonstrates that you have a solid understanding of the foundation skills of a given job role that can be applied at an apprentice or entry level. By earning your OCA designation you improve your chances of getting entry-level job opportunities. The OCA acts as a stepping stone to starting a successful career as an Oracle professional.

By becoming an Oracle Certified Professional, OCP, you demonstrate your understanding of the full range of skills required by Oracle professionals in your chosen job role. The OCP is in high demand in today’s marketplace, and the demand for new OCP’s grow with each new release of an Oracle product. An Oracle certification helps raise your visibility and increases your access to the industry’s most challenging and rewarding opportunities.

The Oracle Certified Master, OCM, is the highest credential an oracle professional can earn in the Oracle Certification program. An Oracle DBA Certified Master is a top-level Oracle expert who has in-depth knowledge of the Oracle data base technology and industry experience managing mission-critical Oracle applications. An OCM is considered an expert within an organization, among peers, and across the industry.

The true value of earning an Oracle certification credential is increased opportunity. With more opportunities come career growth, greater stability, and higher remuneration.

Knowing the key significance of data as an organizational asset, it should come as no surprise that a Data Based Administrators, (DBA’s) remain in high demand and that related training certification programs are popular even in this time of economic trouble.

The Oracle certification programs are also valuable to hiring managers who want to hire right candidates for critical IT positions. For companies that send employees through annual IT training, certification helps ensure a return on the training investment by validating the knowledge and understanding gained in training sessions. Oracle certified employees are technically more competent on the oracle application and data base technology, when compared to uncertified staff.

Companies which uses oracle software, find it easy to sell services when their customers know that they are being serviced by Oracle experts as they are better equipped to  complete complex tasks. It is therefore, pertinent here to explain that Oracle certifications are valid credential recognized by industry that can help one to succeed in their IT career. Oracle is the world’s largest enterprise software company and to get the Oracle certification from this company is really a great credit to one’s career.

Our governor, Mr. Udom Emmanuel means well for our youths. He intends to add value to about a thousand of them in the proposed Oracle certified IT professional course that will soon take off. It should be noted that the cost of acquiring an oracle training is quite high in terms of the financial implication, hence, the state government deserves commendation in this regard, as it intends to bankroll the cost.

Oracle certification program is a professional certification program offered by the Oracle Corporation. With the increase in graduates applying for jobs in recent days most  companies shortlist candidates based on whether they have got certification and so getting certification is a must for all in their respective area of interest to increase their entry in job market.

One good thing Oracle certification will do to those Akwa Ibom youths who will benefit from the training program is that the certification help them entry into job market by making them confident in their abilities in their area of certification and in addition, it would help them present a more marketable re’sume to prospective employers.

Those that will benefit from the training program, should possess at least a minimum of OND certificate if the essence of the program is to be realized by the government.

Solomon Eyo is an ICT Expert, writes in from Uyo, Akwa Ibom State.

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