By Inibehe Udosen

The mirage of falsehood renting the media on the six month old tenure of Udom Emmanuel as Governor of Akwa Ibom State,  has shown that the frustrations in the camp of the opposition is swelling by the day. Six months after, and with the gradual decimation of their supposed support force, the aggrieved  members of the opposition force have left no one in doubt that what they are losing by way of supporters, is to be gained by media blackmail and false propaganda.

Day after day, these propagandists fail to realise that elections had since been concluded and the people of the state are receiving democracy dividends from their mandate holder. On the pages of newspapers, Ita Awak, Iboro Otongaran and other disgruntled politicians take turns to heap insults and disparage the person of Governor Udom Emmanuel, with Ita Awak particularly labelling him as an impostor and an illegal occupant of the governorship position in the state.  What these elements forget is that they are displaying foolishness and idiocy by undermining the leader of the Akwa ibom people.

So whatever their selfish and personal quest for power, it shows a crass display of illiteracy for anyone to call a constitutionally elected and inaugurated governor as an interregnum or illegal governor. Even the uneducated old woman in the countryside, the little child still toddling and the ‘agbero’ at the motor bays know that Akwa Ibom State has a Governor by name Udom Emmanuel and Udom is Right. Obviously, anyone who fails to realise the existence of the Governor of Akwa Ibom State  and then sets to  mislead people that there is no governor and that the Governor has failed, is certainly displaying a great deal of illiteracy.

It was a Twentieth-century philosopher Alfred North Whitehead who once said, “Not ignorance, but the ignorance of ignorance is the death of knowledge.” For those who are still making wild noise about the Governor’s veil dismissal of the falsehood by the opposition hirelings, describing them as rantings  occasioned by illiteracy, I can boldly say that the Governor is only mild, it is no secret that these set of citizens are illiterates, and they are dangerous to the society. It is only illiteracy that can make an educated person to show such a level of ignorance about the law of the land and the constitutional provisions which empowers Udom Emmanuel as the Governor of the state. Insulting the Governor who is the symbol of authority of the state in a vain attempt to bring his position to disrepute is the most idiotic thing a literate human being can do.

Ignorance is a type of illiteracy that threatens us all because here, it is not that these persons are unable to read and write. They are simply very deliberately dangerous and destructive with their tongues and their biros. Everyone is aware of the frustration, upset and disappointment caused by their  illiteracy. These individuals are painfully aware of their problem. They are educated, but they do not know that they do not know. If such people are not illiterates, pray tell me who then is?

The president of Nigeria at the moment is Mohammadu Buhari and he doubles as APC national leader. He cannot describe Mr Udom Emmanuel as an interim or illegal government,  his powers do not permit him to do so. He knows or is literate enough on the legality of an administration that was duly inaugurated in line with the provisions of the constitution. On this basis, it is sufficient to say that even those who are flooding the Internet with verbal attacks on the Governor for identifying this new set of illiterates, are also illiterates, as their wisdom is yet to guide them properly on this issue.

On the media recently, we read the comments by a young man Uwem Udoma against Senator Anietie Okon and other elders in the state. Uwem Udoma again succeeded in registering his name as an illiterate or one who is ignorant of the definition of an elder. As one in his early forties, Uwem is still a youth and ought not to be branding himself as an elder, let alone insult elders in the state in the mould of Senator Okon. To show his infantile tendency, Uwem Udoma is the first ever(and only) deputy speaker to have been impeached after barely six months in the saddle. He was impeached on a Christmas day.

In 2007, June 4 the fourth assembly was convened and principal officers emerged. Engr. Ignatius Edet was elected speaker , Uwem Udoma was announced deputy speaker, Jerome Isangedighi emerged Leader and Okpolupm Etteh was the Chief Whip. Rather than settle down to business and work with his principal to achieve the goals of the Assembly, Mr Udoma chose to arrogate undue powers to his office, swindling the Assembly of funds, blocking the passage way in some part of the Assembly building to other lawmakers, blowing sirens when unauthorised,  fighting with colleagues in the chambers and breaking the mace which is the symbol of authority of the House. In summary, he was unruly. And found it difficult to contribute to the benefit of his constituency ,especially after being humbled out as deputy speaker. Subsequent attempts to return the Assembly in 2011 and to aspire for house of representatives in 2015, were bluntly rejected by his people. So what credentials give him the strength to smear the reputation of credible and sensible elders like Senator Okon?
Until these paid APC agents are able to prove their false allegations with facts and figures, they remain illiterates, and dangerous ones at that. The courts are available for them to go and Sue whoever they wish instead of misinforming the innocent public.
In the rantings on a national tabloid by Uwem Udoma who claimed to be the leader of the real elders, he asked Senator Okon among other things to come out on the media and prove that elections where conducted in Akwa Ibom State on April 11. Intelligent and well informed people know that it is subjudice to start defending or commenting on issues that are currently before a court of competent jurisdiction,  and if Uwem Udoma is not guilty of illiteracy on this count, who then would be qualified to be called an illiterate?

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