WE WILL CONTINUE TO RESPECT WHAT OUR FOREFATHERS ENDORSED IN 2002. ZONING SYSTEM IN UYO STANDS UNTOUCHED – His Highness, Nsobom Sylvanus Okon, acting Paramount ruler of Uyo/Clan head of Offot Ukwa kingdom

By Nsisong James


During a consultation visit to the Traditional Rulers Council (TRC) by #TeamAnietieEka2019 in Uyo towards the Akwa Ibom State house of Assembly seat for 2019, witnessed the who is who in Uyo politics. A large number of supporters filled up the premises of traditional rulers council (TRC) in UYO to the bream.

The acting Paramount ruler of Uyo/ Clan head of Offot Ukwa kingdom, His Highness, Nsobom Sylvanus Okon speaking describe Uyo people as Humble and law abiding. In a speech turned advice to the people of Uyo in the presence of over 23 village heads/clan heads and a mammoth crowd, Nsobom Sylvanus Okon made it clear that Zoning even from the traditional rulers to the political sector has been in existence since 2002 which was signed and sealed in a written documents by the Paramount ruler and clan heads at then.

Nsobom Sylvanus who quote James 2:9 “If ye have respect for persons, ye commit sin, and are convinced of the law as transgressors”. He made it clear that He will always stand by the truth for equity and Justice.

“If Uyo would act on the truth, no one would be sitting in this hall for this. Like what is written in James 2:9 which says “If ye have respect for persons, ye commit sin, and are convinced of the law as transgressors”

Nsobom Sylvanus who referred to his Palace as Isong akpaniko explained the reason for Uyo citizens to practice fairness in everything. Nsobom Sylvanus further explained the benefit of zoning, that when Gov. Udom Emmanuel came for campaigns in Uyo, He told his Excellency that as He is going to be elected the Governor of Akwa Ibom State, He should remember Uyo as the state capital.

Nsobom Sylvanus who thank Gov. Udom Emmanuel for keeping to His promises to Uyo people and lured support to his second term.
“I told the Governor just one thing during the campaigns in Uyo, that He should remember Uyo as the state capital and today He has kept His promise by Giving to Us Mr. Charles Udoh as the Commissioner for information which He is performing so well”

The Event which opened with a prayer then the declaration of intention was made known to the house by the amiable spokesman, Hon.Otu baba who judiciously the events. Brief speeches from who is who in Uyo politics were recieved from Hon. Aniedi Ndem, Hon.(Dr) Chris Nyong, Hon. Nsikan Joseph nyong, Mr. Obot James, Hon. Augustin Ikpe, Barr. George, Otuekong Emem Denis Asikpo, Nsobom Enefiok Okpon, etc spoke on the occasion.

Former House of Assembly member, Hon. Aniedi Ndem during his speech pleaded with the royal Fathers to stand and attest to the coexisting peace and harmony in Uyo by supporting zoning as it has come to stay. Ndem further gave the history of the Uyo state AKHA seat in accordance with rotation/Zoning system from 1999 till date.

“Zoning started with me as an Oku son in 1999 – 2003,

Archibong Inyang an Etoi son from 2003 – 2007,

Hon. Ekere Afia took over as Ikono son from 2007 – 2011,

Hon. Edwin Joseph as an Offot son from 2011 – 2015 and that’s how round one ended and round two started with

Hon. Monday Eyo Okon from 2015 – 2019 and now is the time for Etoi son to take over and the mantles falls on Hon. Anietie Eka who is tested and proven to deliver come 2019”

The campaign team later presented Hon. Anietie Eka to the TRC Chiefs and blessings were showered on Him.

Hon. Anietie Eka in His speech promised to empower the youth of Uyo, reform and restructure Uyo and bringing back our lost heritage. Construction of roads in most villages that needs urgent attention and promised yearly constituency briefing. In his 5 point Agenda:

1.Effective Representation.
2. Making laws that will add value to the citizens of Uyo irrespective of party lines.
3.Rehabilitation of decayed infrastructure in Uyo.
4.Quarterly Briefing &Yearly Empowerment Programs.
5.Running an Inclusive Governance

To crown it all, the acting paramount ruler/Clan head of Offot Ukwa Clan endorsed Udom Emmanuel for Second term and urge the people of Uyo to go get their Voters card so to Vote Gov. Udom Emmanuel into office in 2019. Nsobom Sylvanus also stressed that He stands for truth and that truth is zoning. He promise to make the governor take a look at the already sealed document on zoning in Uyo that no one must temper with it to avoid disunity in Uyo politics between the Four brothers whom Offot, Etoi, Oku & Ikono.

He also told Hon. Eka never to forget his promises when he get there and never to forget all his supporters.

Finally, prayer and blessing was offered to the incoming House member come2019.

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